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Creating new needs and meeting them electronically since 1995.


Founded in 1995 by E. Bruce Berman Jr., CEO of Catalyst New Media Group in Boston, The Internet Advertising agency is the oldest advertising agency on the web. Our aim is to harness the energy of the internet to help our clients get their message out in today's competitive world of digital marketing and new media. 

We offer a full spectrum of strategic communications consulting services to make the internet and new media  work for you. We can help you to

  • Design, optimize and promote your website
  • Create a page, a group, or even a tweet on social networking sites
  • Create a blog, or develop a strategy to shape debate in the blogosphere
  • Design viral marketing or advocacy campaigns
  • Track, analyze and manage your branding and marketing campaigns.

We can even help you convert visitors to your site into new revenue!

For more information on the Internet Advertising Agency and how we can help your business or organization, send us an email or give us a call at our Boston office at six one seven - seven eight two - seven five six one.

The Internet Advertising Agency can make your message scream!


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